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How Shooting Victims Ended Up at the Center of Remington’s Bankruptcy

Remington Outdoor Co.’s newly named panel of unsecured creditors is dominated by members who represent shooting victims, according to court papers filed by the bankrupt arms maker. The five-member committee includes two women whose daughters were shot while on separate family hunting trips, allegedly because of faulty triggers on Remington rifles. Both have sued Remington.…

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Cars That Steer Themselves Struggle to Keep Drivers Engaged

After partially faulting Tesla Inc.’s automation system for a 2016 fatal crash, U.S. safety investigators last year called on carmakers to do more to ensure drivers stay engaged as next-generation cars start to steer themselves. Since then, the National Transportation Safety Board has opened investigations of three new cases -- two of them involving Tesla…

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There Are a Lot More Foreign Visitors Than the U.S. Thought

By Hotels, restaurants and other businesses that depend on foreign travel to the U.S. have been complaining that President Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric have scared away international visitors since the he took office last year. Now it appears that those claims are based on faulty data that underrepresented the number of arrivals from overseas,…

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Yield Curve Spreads Are the Lowest Since 2007

The spread between 5- and 30-year Treasury yields, as well as the gap for 2- and 10-year maturities, tumbled Wednesday to the lowest levels since 2007, at 37.2 basis points and 45.7 basis points, respectively. The flattening accelerated after consumer price index data came in largely as expected, perhaps bringing other market-moving events, like President…

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