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Best PlayStation VR games: the best PSVR games around

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Price: £49.99, $49.99 Does it require Move controllers? No. DualShock controllers give a more comfortable, familiar control system for what's quite a complex game. But Move motion controllers let you swing a sword, and there's no arguing that that's not cool. You've played Skyrim, right? The benchmark for open world gaming…

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The best Straight Talk phone deals at Walmart

If you've been considering the no-strings attached convenience of Walmart's Straight Talk Wireless service and are shopping for a Straight Talk phone deal, we've checked out all the phones on offer at Walmart to find the best prices available. Whether you want a flagship phone or a bargain-priced basic smartphone, you'll find the best Straight…

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Samsung Notebook 9 (2018) review

Laptops like the 2018 15-inch Samsung Notebook 9 make for interesting reviews, because this is one of those devices with nagging flaws that are arguably outweighed by immense benefits. For instance, the 15-inch Notebook 9 is an incredible performer with a long-lasting battery – perhaps the most we’ve ever seen – that’s held back by…

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OnePlus 6 release date, news, price and leaks

New OnePlus 6 rumors point to an Android smartphone that combines faster speeds and a trendy all-screen notch design at the top, but one that remains affordable next to other flagship devices. And it's likely just weeks away. Update: The latest OnePlus 6 leak is an image that gives us another look at the front…

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