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NASA has discovered our solar system’s twin with 8 planets

A sun-like star with 8 planets scrunched around itNASA/Ames Research Center/Wendy Stenzel NASA has found our solar system’s twin more than 2500 light-years away. Using data from the Kepler space telescope, researchers have found an eighth planet at the Kepler-90 system, tying our own system for the highest number of known planets. Before the NASA…

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Venice may be almost 200 years older than anyone thought

Over 1000 years of historyalxpin/Getty By Colin Barras Deep beneath the elaborate mosaic floor of Venice’s Saint Mark’s Basilica, archaeologists have discovered two 1300-year-old peach stones. The find may add 180 years to the history of the iconic floating city. Most of Italy’s great cities date back to the Romans, but Venice is an exception, says…

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England’s shift to opt-out organ donation will save many lives

More donations neededStephen Barnes/Medical/Alamy Hundreds of people die each year in England simply because of a lack of organs available for transplant. That’s why the organisation I work for, the British Medical Association (BMA), welcomes the government’s announcement of a “soft” opt-out system, something we have spent 18 years campaigning for. It could save many…

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Ancient black holes ruled out as source of all dark matter

Are primordial black holes dark matter?FL collection / Alamy Stock Photo By Leah Crane Dark matter may not be found in primordial black holes after all. After the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) watched a pair of black holes collide for the first time in 2015, speculation swirled that the black holes might be causing…

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A family in Italy doesn’t feel pain because of a gene mutation

Going unnoticedPeter Dazeley/Getty By Jessica Hamzelou An Italian family that is barely able to sense pain has had the genetic root of their shared disorder uncovered. Understanding this gene may lead to new painkiller drugs. The affected family members include a 78-year-old woman, her two middle-aged daughters, and their three children. All of them fail to sense pain…

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