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Congestion charge can cut childhood asthma attacks by half

Sung Kuk Kim / Alamy Stock PhotoBy Andy Coghlan Children’s health can benefit from congestion charging schemes that limit city-centre traffic and the airborne pollution it generates. But a comparison of the congestion charges in London and Stockholm suggests the schemes only achieve this if they drive down the amount of nitrogen dioxide belched into…

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Virtuoso bowhead whales constantly make up new songs

Go on, sing us a songNature Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo By Andy Coghlan Bowhead whales may be the most versatile singers in the mammalian world. Recordings show that they regularly devise entirely new songs, rather than modifying existing ones. Bowhead whales are some of the largest animals alive. They spend their lives in…

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Just half a degree less global warming would avert food shortage

Farmers gathering potatoes in Bangladesh, a country vulnerable to food insecurityZakir Hossain Chowdhury / NurPhoto / via Getty Images By Helen Thomson Sometimes it’s good to over-reach – particularly when it comes to stopping climate change. New evidence comparing the impacts of 1.5°C and 2°C rises in temperature reveal the unprecedented food shortages, economic inequality…

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