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Transgender woman is first to be able to breastfeed her baby

A step closer for trans women Oleksiy Maksymenko/Getty By Jessica Hamzelou A 30-year-old transgender woman has become the first officially recorded to breastfeed her baby. An experimental three-and-a-half-month treatment regimen, which included hormones, a nausea drug and breast stimulation, enabled the woman to produce 227 grams of milk a day. “This is a very big…

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Opioid painkillers are prescribed more in northern England

Jeremy Durkin/REX/ShutterstockBy Andy Coghlan Doctors in England have been prescribing opioid painkillers disproportionately to people in the least affluent parts of the nation. An analysis of nearly three years of prescribing data up to February 2014 found that northern England contained 9 out of 10 of the regions where eight opioid painkillers were most frequently…

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Face-recognition software is perfect – if you’re a white man

Algorithms that govern face recognition are biasedCHANDAN KHANNA/AFP/Getty Images By Timothy Revell Face-recognition software can guess your gender with amazing accuracy – if you are a white man. Joy Buolamwini at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested three commercially available face-recognition systems, created by Microsoft, IBM and the Chinese company Megvii. The systems correctly identified the…

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