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Fooling AI can now be done a thousand times faster

To human eyes, this is obviously a dog in the snowMeike Engels/Alamy By Abigail Beall Tricking artificial intelligence has never been easier. One way is to fool an AI into misclassifying an image by misinforming it about what that file shows. Such “adversarial examples” can now be generated a thousand times faster than before. Anish…

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How Trump’s ‘ban’ on science words could harm public health

Choose your words carefullydpa picture alliance archive/Alamy Stock Photo By Debora MacKenzie The Trump administration has reportedly banned the leading US public health agency from using certain words in a budget proposal due next year. And what words: vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based and science-based. The choice reflects the Trump camp’s well-known dislike of…

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The body’s killer immune cells also feed fetuses in the womb

Natural killer cells may stop babies from being born underweightJill Lehmann Photography/Getty By Andy Coghlan The immune system’s aggressive natural killer cells – which normally kill cancer cells and infectious pathogens – also help nourish early fetuses, helping them grow. This discovery was made by Zhigang Tian of the University of Science and Technology of…

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