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Australian jailed for fake cancer scam

Image copyright Facebook Image caption Hanna Dickenson (R) falsely claimed to have cancer, a court heard An Australian woman who faked having terminal cancer before scamming money from friends of her family has been jailed for three months. Hanna Dickenson, 24, accepted A$42,000 (£22,000; $31,000) after telling her parents that she needed medical treatment overseas.…

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Earth’s magnetic ocean tides mapped

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe magnetic signal from the tides is extremely smallThis is the European Space Agency's spectacular new view of ocean tides as they sweep around the Earth. The movie shows not the bulging movement of water directly, but rather its magnetic signature. As the Moon pulls the salty…

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Slovenians to Jimmy Kimmel: Lay off Melania Trump’s accent

Maya Popadic, 33, who runs a bakery in Sevnica selling First Lady Apple Pie. (Photo: Kim Hjelmgaard, USA TODAY) SEVNICA, Slovenia — Few residents of this central Slovenian town known for its underwear factory, salami festival and hilltop medieval castle had heard of Jimmy Kimmel, Sean Hannity or the recent barbs they traded on TV and…

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