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Attack in Florida makes 18 school shootings in the first two months of 2018

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There were a total of 65 school shootings in 2017, but only 7 as of Feb. 14. The last year that neared 2018’s total was 2014, in which there were 15 school shootings by midway through February. There were 58 total shootings in 2014.

Everytown has been tracking school shootings in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities since 2013. They report any time a firearm is discharged within a school building or on campus, whether accidentally or intentionally and whether or not anyone has been harmed.

“When you look at all the ways children are impacted by gun violence, you realize what a tremendous problem we have as a country,” said Sarah Tofte, director of research and implementation at Everytown. “We really do deserve to live in a place where children are free from gun violence in their homes, schools and communities.”

According to Everytown, there have been about 291 school shootings since 2013, which breaks down to about one per week.

It is the 180th mass shooting since 2009 and the third in 2018. Everytown for Gun Safety defines a mass shooting as a gun attack that claims the lives of four or more people. Children, Tofte emphasized, make up 25 percent of fatalities in mass shootings.

Several of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history have taken place in schools. In 2007, 32 victims were killed at Virginia Tech University. The 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left 26 dead.

Wednesday’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas is the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook, Tofte said.

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