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Daily Archives: February 7, 2018

Senate Leader Announces Two-Year Spending Plan to Avoid Shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a bipartisan two-year budget agreement Wednesday that would provide nearly $300 billion more for defense and non-defense spending, a step likely to avert a Friday government shutdown and end a months-long impasse on spending priorities. The plan would suspend the federal debt ceiling and provide hurricane and wildfire disaster…

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A Vocal Crypto-Critic Says Bot Army Got Him Suspended by Twitter

Twitter Inc. has suspended an account that’s been one of the loudest critics of digital currency exchange Bitfinex and its related cryptocurrency Tether. The author, known only as @Bitfinexed, declines to identify himself, saying he’s worried about his safety. Since April, tweets on the account have accused Bitfinex and Tether of wrongdoing. Bloomberg News reported…

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Baseball’s Free Agent Market Is Way Down This Year

The numbers don’t lie, but nobody knows why. By and Major League Baseball players have spent the last several weeks criticizing what they say is an unusually—even suspiciously—quiet offseason for free agents. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball shot back, saying the only thing that’s abnormal is how many players have refused good deals. “It is common…

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Chinese police use face recognition glasses to catch criminals

Can my glasses see you licence please?LLVision By Chris Baraniuk For the past two months, cyborg police officers have screened travellers passing through Zhengzhou railway station in China. The officers, wearing smart glasses with built-in face recognition, have caught seven fugitives and 26 fake ID holders already. According to local media, some of the fugitives…

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